Breast Reconstruction

Some women choose to undergo mastectomy (removal of all the breast tissue) instead of breast conservation because of

  • the extent or distribution of their cancer precluding breast conservation
  • personal preference
  • cancer risk reduction (prophylaxis)
  • local cancer recurrence after breast conserving surgery

Women may opt to undergo breast reconstruction some time after their mastectomy (delayed reconstruction) or, as is increasingly popular, at the same time as their mastectomy (immediate reconstruction).  Immediate breast reconstruction enables the patient to wake up from the operation with a breast mound ready.

Dr Chong firmly believes women should have explained and offered the full range of suitable operative choices, from lumpectomy and oncoplastics, through to mastectomy, with or without reconstruction; it is the woman’s choice.

Dr Chong specialises in performing his own immediate implant-based breast reconstructions without the need for a plastic surgeon, as is the case with most breast surgeons in Melbourne.  Patients can opt for single mastectomy, double mastectomy, same size, smaller or even bigger cup size – it is the woman’s choice.  Afterwards Dr Chong also offers finishing touches such as:

  • nipple reconstruction
  • symmetrising surgery (making the other breast smaller, bigger or more lifted to match the reconstructed side)
  • lipofilling (transferring fat from the thighs and belly into contour deformities from reconstructive surgery)